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Check out my list of recommended books "The Best Non-Fantasy Novels for Fantasy Readers"

The kind folks at asked me to put together a list of books around a topic, and because I always recommend reading a variety of books, my topic was designed to expand readers' horizons. Click here to see which books I chose, and why.




Some secrets should stay hidden…

U.S. Marshal Damon Chase keeps secrets from himself. Ten years after he woke in a hospital with most of his memory gone, all he knows is that he loves hunting bad guys. So he’s built a career doing just that.

When Damon is called in to handle a supernatural disturbance at Union Station in Denver, he finds himself strangely at home. Something that should have killed him, instead opens a door to a world he’s forgotten. He has questions, and a real-life wizard on the run has answers.

But the answers he seeks have dangerous consequences, not only to Damon, but to those he cares about.

Hop on board for a ride to unknown destinations in the first book in a brand-new series.

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I've never heard of this guy.

The Man on the Street


I've never heard of you either.

The Author

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