The new Jonathan Shade novel is now available.  What happens when Jonathan is hired to retrieve Adolf Hitler's skull?  Buy it: CLICK ME NOW, BABY!

Don't miss any of the books in the series!

1. Modern Sorcery

2. Acheron Highway

3. Dragon Gate

4. Anubis Nights

5. Sunset Specters

6. Wizard's Nocturne

7. Razor Dreams

8. Vertigo Effect

9. Club Eternity

10. Timeless Gods

11. Immortal Ascendant

At the moment, Immortal Ascendant is available exclusively through Amazon because it's in the Kindle Unlimited program.  It will go wide (appear on all the other sites like Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.) in August 2018

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I've never heard of this guy.

The Man on the Street


I've never heard of you either.

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